So my desk had gotten away from me to the point of where I couldn't even sit and work at it. So I had to take the weekend to claim it back. There were lots of paper towel casualties due to dust but I was happy to be cleaning and reorganizing.

My hubby also decided I could have his desk since he mostly sits in the living room with his laptop. His desk was a mess too.  I apologize for the blurry photo of that desk but even my camera was scared to look at it.

So I got a majority of the cleaning done in one day. 

-----------------------------MID CLEAN--------->

Below you can see the fruits of my labors - finally a nice clean area to work and room for my WIPS. Too bad it will only be clean for ab

This is my first official blog post! Yay! I have been meaning to do a blog for some time now and finally found the time to do it. One of my new years resolutions this year was to start and continue with my blog. Yay for starting something I meant to...lol. Now I just need to keep up with it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Today I am working on sculpting. My WIPs have overtaken all of my work areas - which is okay - except in my bedroom where I do my sculpting. I sculpt sitting on the floor in front of a plastic tote. I hate when this area is messy, because than my room looks more messy than it already tends to be.

So today I want to knock out as many of these pieces as I can. This will mean several sculpting sessions today as I browse my Netflix to watch fun stuff while I work. I know not everything will be completed today as some are in beginning sculpt stages. But hopefully I will be able to move some to my desk for painting and or rehairing.

This is my work space for sculpting. As you can see it is overflowing with WIPs...that's not all of it - I even have some of the floor. LOL. There are many types of projects here too. MLPs, Monster high, a breyer like horse and also a polymer mermaid sculpture.  I generally sculpt with Apoxie Sculpt but I also sometimes use polymer clay. I like Apoxie Sculpt the best,  but for some things , its just too expensive to use it.

So why do I work on a plastic tote you ask?

I find it easier to sit on the floor and sculpt as opposed to sitting at my desk. The tote just is the perfect height for me to work on....although most of the actual sculpting part is done on my lap. LOL. Also my bedroom has Netflix and I find it enjoyable to sculpt while I semi watch a movie or tv show. Okay truth be told, when I am in the sculpting zone, I more or less listen to my shows instead of actually watching.

Up for today is Sons of Anarchy.  Stuff I have already seen is the best for me to sculpt to. I almost never watch something new when I sculpt.

Here you can see my cans of Apoxie in assorted colors and also my very favorite sculpting tools. I know I have a lot, but the ones I tend to use the most are my fingers and a pearl headed sewing pin that I have bent to a specific degree. Don't ask me the degree as I have no idea on it.

You can also see some of my lotion, which is almost gone. I use this to help smooth the Apoxie Sculpt and on my hands to prevent the Apoxie from sticking to me.  Baby powder is also essential when I personally work with Apoxie Sculpt. This helps it not stick to the wax paper I work on.

This is the other side of the tote. You can see some of my armature supplies and also my sanding supplies. In the two boxes and small round tin are additional sculpting tools.

There is also some other WIPs in this shot.